2018 Executive Committee

The executive committee of the NSW Self-Insurers Association is made up of employees from Full and Associate member companies.

There are 10 spaces on the executive committee, one of which is reserved for an Associate Member.

There can only be one Associate Member company represented on the executive committee at any one time.

The current Executive Committee for 2018 is listed below.


Alan Becken

Manager Injury Management

Health Services & Injury Management

Endeavour Energy

D: 9853 4320

M: 0434 845 550

E: chairman@selfinsurers.com


Greg Finnie

Hawkesbury City Council

Ph: (02) 4560 4433     Fax: (02) 4560 4481

E-mail: gfinnie@hawkesbury.gov.au


Andrea Hardwicke-Jack

National Manager Health & Workers Compensation
Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd 

Office:  02 9412 6559, Fax: 02 8867 2315,

Mobile: 0419 474 871

Email: andrea.hardwicke-jack@lafargeholcim.com  


Darren Youles


Westpac Group

M +61 466 327 407
email: secretary@selfinsurers.com

Committee Members

 Anita D Chandra

Case manager/Injury management coordinator

Health Services and Injury Management

Endeavour Energy

D: 9853 4062

M: 0438 223 085

E: anita.chandra@endeavourenergy.com.au

Rosa Martins

Case Manager, Health & Safety

Endeavour Energy

Phone: 02 9853 6280  M: 0401 678 478  Fax: 02 9853 5977

Email: rosa.martins@endeavourenergy.com.au

Mikelis Jaunalksnis 

Safety Management Coordinator

Lake Macquarie City Council

P: 02 4921 0693 | M: 0428685395| F: 02 4921 0678

email: mjaunalksnis@lakemac.nsw.gov.au

Kris Bruckner

Product Strategist

StateCover Mutual Limited

Mob: +61 414 779 255 

email: kris.bruckner@statecover.net.au

Nicci Skene

Technical Lead, Claims Management

Transport for NSW

P: 8574 3692 | F: 02 8574 2916

email: nicci.skene@transport.nsw.gov.au

Honorary Lawyers

Mick Franco

Bartier Perry Solicitors

Ph: (02) 8281 7822

E-mail: mfranco@bartier.com.au

Paul Macken

Leigh Virtue and Associates

Ph: (02) 9299 7835

E-mail: pmacken@leighvirtue.com.au

The 2018 Executive Committee

Pictured - Front Row (L) to (R): Nicci Skene, Rosa Martins, Mick Franco, Anita Chandra and Kira Hanrahan. Back row (L) to (R): Alan Becken, Kris Bruckner, Paul Macken, Darren Youles, Mikelis Jainalksnis. Absent - Greg Finnie and Andrea Hardwicke-Jack

The 2016 Executive Committee

2016 Executive Committee

Pictured - Front Row (L) to (R): Paul Macken, Petra Meadley, Stephen Keyte, Scott Goodacre. Back row (L) to (R): Alison Cummins, Greg Finnie, Darren Youles, Mick Franco, Alex Mileski. Absent - Nicci Skene

The 2015 Executive Committee


(Pictured from L to R: Paul Bransdon, Mick Franco, Petra Meadley, Paul Macken, Greg Finnie, Lyal Hammond, Alison Cummins, Stephen Keyte, Alex Mileski, Scott Goodacre) (Absent - Nicci Skene)


The 2014 Executive Committee

 Pictured - Back Row (L) to (R): Jan Smithies, Mick Franco, Alex Mileski, Glenn Hill, Petra Meadley. Front row (L) to (R): Paul Macken, Denise Fishlock, Scott Goodacre, Lyal Hammond

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